Tung Photography

DMV Lifestyle & Family Photographer



What time of day is best?

Lighting is key! For outdoor sessions, it is generally best to avoid when the sun is harshest and most direct (~12-3pm). For indoor locations, anytime during the day will work to illuminate the room. 

Where should we shoot?

Anywhere! If any locations have special meaning to you and/or your family, we should definitely shoot there. If you want some ideas, let’s chat. I am more than happy to provide suggestions.

How far in advance should I book?

A month or two in advance of your desired date is best, especially for weekend sessions. If I have availability, I am happy to schedule a session on short notice! Feel free to book earlier in advance if you have a specific date in mind. 

What if it rains? Or someone gets sick?

If there is rain on the forecast, no need to rush to reschedule just yet. There seems to be far more forecasted rain than actual rain here in Dallas! Plus, slightly overcast skies create beautiful, soft lighting. Of course, if there is thunder and lightning or a torrential downpour, we should reschedule.

If someone gets sick right before our scheduled session, just let me know as soon as possible! We will reschedule to another time when hopefully everyone is feeling their best.

When and how will photos be delivered? 

Your digital files will be available two weeks after our session. The photos will be accessible via a password-protected gallery and be available online for two months. Please download them and back up a copy! After two months, the photos will automatically be removed from the gallery. I will retain your digital files on hand for at least a year after your session. 

How are our photos backed up? 

As soon as I get home, I will import your photos from my memory card and back up a copy on my external drives. When the photos are cleaned up and ready, I will update the backup copy so that my backups are current. I will keep your digital files on hand for at least a year. 

How do we order prints?

You will receive print release of all images (the number of images depends on the length of the session). With print release, you can take the files and print the photos anywhere you would like. Since you’ve invested in a photographer, I would recommend investing in quality prints as well! My personal favorite is Artifact Uprising, but I’ve also heard good things about MPix and Adorama Pix. Prints can also be ordered directly from the online gallery to make things a little easier. If you are looking for an album or a collection of curated prints, please let me know! 

Who gets the copyright to the photos? 

As mentioned above, you will get print release of all delivered photographs, but I will retain copyright of all images. 

Do you deliver RAW or unedited photos? 

In short, no. I will edit and deliver all photographs that meet quality standards (exact number will depend on the length of the session). Any photos that are not delivered were deleted because they were duplicates, not in focus, or otherwise corrupted. 

Have additional questions? Please send me an email at contact@ctungphotography.com or reach me via the Contact form.