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Canon EOS R | First Thoughts

I finally pulled the trigger and bought a new camera. My trusty Canon T3i has been with me since January 2012 and figured I was overdue for an upgrade. I knew I wanted to stick with the Canon family so that I could continue sharing lens between my new camera, the T3i, and my film SLR.…

ShootProof v. Pixieset

Along with showing off the beautiful people I get to photograph, I hope my blog can be a helpful resource to other professional or hobbyist photographers. So, here is my first product comparison/review for anyone looking to share photos digitally!

I have been working on this post since the end of September but with travels and such, I never had a chance to work on the post.…

Product Review: Eye-Fi Mobi SD Card

In December, I bought the EyeFi Mobi Wireless memory card from B&H Photo and Video.


Someone asked for a review, so here it is, 6 months overdue.

Summary: good for jpeg, not good for continuous, really not good for RAW

I’ve only used the card in my T3i.…