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Fin: Year 23

This is it, I’ve completed my 2nd 365 project! I missed a lot of days, but I still managed to get in 317 pictures. Sure, 86.8% is not ideal, but at least it is a solid B.

To all who are reading this, if you ever hear me say “I’m starting a new 365 project…” the only acceptable response is to say “no”, “nope”, give me stern stares, or be otherwise unsupportive.…



Identity. What does that mean to you? How do you introduce yourself?

When someone looks at me, there are aspects of my identity that are clearly visible. I’m of East Asian descent, female, in my early twenties. Maybe you’ll catch me on a good day when I’m wearing nice clothes or maybe you’ll see me bumming around in sweatpants (previous project post here).…


i got the idea for this project in early june, but characteristically put it off until now. i would live in sweats & shorts if i could, unfortunately society has deemed this not “presentable”. but what makes my last outfit fancier, more beautiful, more stunning than the first?…

[Fin] 365

Thanks for following my year! This was fun, and I’m honestly kind of surprised I finished. Maybe in a couple years I’d be willing to do this again, but I’m definitely taking a break. Here are some things I’ve learned:

  • A five day delay is quite long and when I have photos I’m excited about in my queue, I often end up posting it on 500px or Instagram before It comes up on Tumblr.