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About Cindy

Heya, I'm Cindy!

A quick introduction...

Thanks for coming to visit my little corner of the internet! I’m Cindy and I currently live in Northern Virginia with my husband and a bunch of plants. Before Virginia, we were located in Dallas, Texas (and before that, Boston).

I am a linguist by training, studying linguistics in college and grad school. Currently, I work full time as a software engineer. Outside of work, I love being a photographer because I find joy in capturing photos of people that ooze personality. I love shots of genuine laughter, side-glances, and all other in-between moments. I want my photos to tell the story of you & your family!

My photography story...

I got my first camera when I was 7, back when many cameras still required film. My camera and I were quite inseparable, but I was just pointing, shooting, and accumulating lots of mediocre photos. One day in college, Facebook updated the look of profiles, and I learned that I had uploaded over 10,000 photos in 5 years. I realized that I wanted to stop just taking more photos, but focus on learning to take better photos.

In 2012, I dug my parent’s old film SLR out from the back of their closet and started learning how all the dials and buttons work. After a few rolls of film, I realized that not only was buying & processing film super expensive, I also wasn’t learning quickly. Shooting and developing a measly 536 film photographs would add up to the cost of an entry-level DSLR! In January of 2013, I bought my Canon T3i, which I finally replaced December 2018 (full equipment list here).

I officially started Tung Photography in 2018 in Dallas. We moved to Virginia for me to start a full time job as an engineer, but I thought I would have spare time to get the photography business back up and running. Well, by the time I finally was settled enough to get things started… COVID-19 came around. Now, I know not to take any of our little moments for granted.

Quick Facts:
  • Formal schooling: linguistics
  • Current location: Northern Virginia/DC Metro Area
  • City I call “home”: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Hobbies: planners, reading, & board games
  • Favorite food: potatoes (especially chips & fries)
  • Favorite color: purple
  • Go-to hangout spots: museums & coffee/boba shops
  • Exercise of choice: running & ultimate frisbee
  • Ideal travel spots have: hiking, museums, coffee, public transportation
  • Personality: goofy
Wanna know more?

If you are ready to chat, reach out via the Contact Form, contact@ctungphotography.com, Instagram, or Facebook!