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Maternity Shoot | Tips

A few weeks ago, I got to do my first maternity shoot with Drew and Justin. If you haven’t been following me long, I also got to photograph their wedding last summer! It is so fun to be able to capture so many big events in their lives, and I absolutely cannot wait to meet the little one in November.

As I share some of the photos from our session, I’ve also included some tips & tricks I learned in preparation for this shoot! First, I’ll start out with a bonus tip that isn’t specifically maternity shoot related.

Bonus Tip: Make sure to specify exact locations where you are meeting your client/photographer! We had decided to do the session at Dallas Baptist University, which I had never been to before. Drew told me they had fountains, a bridge, and a gazebo. So when I drove up to campus and saw a fountain, a bridge, and a gazebo, I assumed that I must be in the right place. Turns out, DBU has a lot of lakes with fountains, bridges, and gazebos and the campus was a whole lot bigger than I realized. Luckily I found them eventually…

Tip #1: Capture the mama-to-be from an angle. It is much easier to see the belly in photos when the pictures aren’t taken straight on.

Tip #2: Pose your subjects, but capture those candid moments! In this picture, I told Drew & Justin that we were done, but they should sit on the bench and chat about the coming little one. The very first picture was also spontaneous. I had them hold a pose they naturally fell into as I walked around them.

Tip #3: Bring some props. These little, knit shoes are my favorite because they’re adorable and also super appropriate because baby boy is due in November. (Is it wishful thinking to think it’ll cool down in Texas by November?)

Tip #4: Yes, maternity shoots are about capturing the beauty in these unique months of anticipation, but don’t be afraid to have some fun. I asked Justin if he could fit the pumpkin into his shirt, and he obliged. Luckily for us, his shirt didn’t rip because this was mid-session!

Ready to chat about a session? I would love to capture some special life moments for you! Head over to my contact page! Have anything to add? Leave a comment below!


post-session parking lot selfie, yay!

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