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Alexis & Jack | June 30, 2018

Two weekends ago, I had the honor and privilege of shooting the wedding of Alexis & Jack in Savannah. I’ve known Alexis since she joined the ultimate team sophomore year. When Alexis & Jack started dating our senior year, we were thrilled Alexis had found the perfect guy. None of us were at all surprised that they were the first ones engaged 😍

The day started off with groomsmen photos at 10:30am in Chatham Square. (Side note to anyone visiting Savannah, mosquitoes here are active even in the morning. Ugh.) 1_jackLook at this beautiful flower that the rings rested on; it came straight from Jack’s mom’s home garden!2.jpg
While I was doing the groom & groomsmen photos, the girls were at the salon for hair and makeup. It was still dry when they arrived at my AirBnB to get dressed, but Alexis could tell a storm was coming. Sure enough, as they were all putting on their dresses, a thunderstorm rolled in. While all the bridesmaids were lined up in front of the windows, it sounded like thunder went off RIGHT behind them. If only I wasn’t so shocked that I missed their frightened faces! Here they are, checking to see what in the world is happening outside. 3.jpgOf course, Alexis still rocked her photos, even indoors. Good thing my AirBnB ended up being fairly spacious and picturesque! (Real life BTS: we moved just about every piece of furniture and took all the art down from the walls.)4_alexisI had about two hours off while bride, groom, wedding party, and family went to decorate the Georgia Queen, operated by Savannah Riverboat. Luckily, the clouds finished their tantrum and we were clear from rain the rest of the day. 5.jpg6.jpgFinally, wedding time! All throughout the day, Alexis had been calm and unfrazzled. But, she did walk down the aisle very quickly! 7_entrance891011Two families, united. I melt. 12.jpgWe quickly ran off the boat to do full wedding party photos & some portraits for Alexis and Jack. We only had an hour before the boat was set to leave the dock!1314151617And back to the boat for dancing, food, and celebrating! 181920212223.jpgWe made sure to get some stunning sunset shots in the midst of the reception and these are some of my favorite of the night. 24.jpg2526272829These kids sure knew how to dance and they rocked the whip/nae nae. 30Followed by the only thing that could possibly be cuter, two new mother-in-laws dancing together!31 Jack and Alexis, a pair to celebrate. So much energy, so much joy. It was truly a wonderful #partywiththepinnells. 3233Alexis and Jack, it was my pleasure to celebrate with you and capture the day. From this day to forever. 34Much love,

(Partial) List of Vendors
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Savannah Riverboat Cruises
Photography: Tung Photography
Hair and makeup: 40 Volume Salon
Flowers: Urban Poppy
Save the Dates: Photo Affections



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  • Thank you Cindy and Robbie for capturing these wonderful memories. It was fantastic to have such a knowledgeable and professional photographer. We are so lucky you and Robbie could be there for our special day 🙂

    With Love,
    Alexis and Jack Pinnell

    “You’re an angel”- Jack

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