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Fin: Year 23

This is it, I’ve completed my 2nd 365 project! I missed a lot of days, but I still managed to get in 317 pictures. Sure, 86.8% is not ideal, but at least it is a solid B.

To all who are reading this, if you ever hear me say “I’m starting a new 365 project…” the only acceptable response is to say “no”, “nope”, give me stern stares, or be otherwise unsupportive. While I love taking pictures, and creative projects that challenge me are good, my life really isn’t that exciting most days, leading to way more pictures of my homework/planner than most people want to see.

What’s next? According to my 2017 resolutions, I still need to shoot another roll of film. Without the pressure of the 365 project (and having digital photos to upload), I’ll have freedom to explore that medium more. I’ll be learning how to be on the other side of the camera and in photos more in the coming months, and maybe I’ll pick up some tips and tricks along the way. I have blog posts planned from my travels this summer to Portugal & Colorado, as well as maybe getting the Museum Guides I wanted to start last year off the ground. As for an art/DIY/hands-on project completely unrelated to photography, I recently acquired a mail offer for a free couch, but didn’t want to pay for a cover, so I’ll be working on my sewing skills and hopefully making a sweet cover for the couch.

Thanks to all of you who have followed along, whether it was for the whole year or only a week. To everyone who’s smiled for a photo and to everyone who was a part of making year 23 what it was. Onto other creative endeavors, I’d love for you to join me or follow along 🙂

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