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Product Review: Eye-Fi Mobi SD Card

In December, I bought the EyeFi Mobi Wireless memory card from B&H Photo and Video.


Someone asked for a review, so here it is, 6 months overdue.

Summary: good for jpeg, not good for continuous, really not good for RAW

I’ve only used the card in my T3i. Prior to mid-January, I was only shooting in JPEG because my computer literally had no space left and I didn’t trust my external hard drive. Eventually, I bought a hard drive like a normal person, backed up my photos, and shot in RAW.

good for jpeg: 
Shooting in JPEG, the card worked well. Transfer from the computer to my phone was smooth enough. The only hiccup was when the app wasn’t actually deleting the pictures for some reason and took up 4GB on my phone… Uninstalling and reinstalling did the trick though.

not good for continuous: 
At frisbee tournaments, I usually leave the camera in JPEG for speed and also for space reasons. This is when I started having issues with the camera flashing “BUSY” at me. I eventually just made sure I used my other memory cards at tournaments instead. It’s not like I really wanted 400 unsorted images on my phone anyways…

really not good for RAW:
It wasn’t until I was doing a photoshoot for a friend that I really experienced the slow write speed of the card. It’s not good for shooting consecutive images in RAW. It just can’t write that quickly and I subsequently had a lot of “BUSY” flashing on my screen.

Overall: I do like the card. It’s cool being able to see the images on my iPhone immediately & instagramming super high quality pictures (I’ve revealed my secrets, heh). That being said, with an iPhone 5, my phone screen is barely bigger than my camera screen. I feel like the benefits of the connectivity would improve with an iPad or something with a larger screen. The card has its limitations, and so I will continue to use the card in rotation with my other memory cards. Also, there’s no way to only selectively transfer pictures, so everything on the card that wasn’t already transferred will be sent to your phone/device.

Recommendations: If you primarily shoot JPEG or just don’t shoot a lot of images at once, this is a neat memory card with wifi connectivity. I had no issues with set up, wifi, or transferring images to my computer.

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